Quick Impact Snapshot Benchmarks

Quick Impact Snapshot Benchmarks

Who is in this benchmark group?

This benchmark group is made up of 2,533 businesses that have completed the full B Impact Assessment, but have not attained B Corp Certification.   A few details about this benchmark group: 

  1. This benchmark group includes only businesses that completed their Assessment between October 2011 and March 2014.
  2. We believe that the businesses have a varying range of motivation to use business as a force for good, even though they have taken the effort to complete the Assessment.   Based on the data these companies have provided, we believe that approximately 527 companies would consider themselves to be Mainstream Businesses and 2,006 companies would consider themselves to be Sustainable Businesses. 
  3. The following tables detail the sector and size of businesses included in this benchmark group: 


Number of Employees         # of Businesses
0 ees 479
1-9 ees 1,113
10-49 561
50-249 307
250-999 121
1000+ 70







Sector                                 # of Businesses
Service 1,588
Manufacturing 413
Wholesale/Retail 469
Agriculture/Growers 57







Primary Operating Location # of Businesses
North America 1,703
Latin America & the Caribbean 329
Sub-Saharan Africa 131
Western Europe 92
South Asia 70
Australia and New Zealand 56
East Asia and Pacific 46
Europe and Central Asia 28
Middle East and North Africa 3





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