Tim Masson

Tim Masson

Ian Martin Group, CEO

Certified B Corp
Project Staffing Services

Oakville, Canadá

50-250 Employees, Service

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Personal Insights

What matters most to us:

We see a world where each and every person is pursuing meaningful work.

What we learned: Check it out

Personally, I found some of the questions incredibly insightful and challenging. One in particular was: “What portion of your management is evaluated in writing on their performance with regard to corporate social and environmental targets?” For now, we answered 0%. This is just stuff that most 50-year-old companies haven’t thought about yet. But, how valuable is it that someone is now thinking to ask…? The amazing thing about the Impact Assessment is that it provides a clear metric that management teams can improve upon over time. Let’s face it; most business people are pretty competitive. When you put a number on something, they naturally seek to improve it – this alone drives improvement in the social and environmental performance of companies using the tool…now just imagine if companies started using the assessment to measure the impact of their supply chains!

What we did as a result:

We ended up taking the next step to become a B Corp. After we became a B Corp, we started implementing a more "open book" approach to financial metrics to engage our employees in the success of the company. We also founded our "Stewardship Council" – this is a group of employees dedicated to improving our stakeholder impact and finding creative ways to advance our vision of a world, "where each and every person is pursing meaningful work." In one example of this, we now give all 10,000 people who apply to our jobs each month (we are a recruiting company) the opportunity to make a loan (funded by us) to a micro-entrepreneur through Kiva.

Features/Improvements we are looking forward to:

I believe the Impact Assessment will become most powerful when companies can use it to measure the impact of their supply chains. Once companies can reliably measure the social and environment performance of their suppliers, they will factor this into their purchasing decisions alongside more traditional criteria.

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