Juan Cristóbal and Alan Mackiewicz

Juan Cristóbal and Alan Mackiewicz

Green Libros, Director

Book retail, online

Santiago, Chile

0-10 Employees, Wholesale/Retail

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Personal Insights

What matters most to us:

In South America, books are very expensive and there are very few publishers. So our company is trying to increase access to books in South America by taking products that are sitting around in disuse and bringing them to life through resell or donations.

What we learned: Check it out

It sort of opened our eyes, because we thought we were way better than we actually were as a company. We realized that we didn't take care of our employees like we really could have. It made us take a step back and look into these practices further.

What we did as a result:

Nothing tangible per se, but it was more of a change in culture for us. We realized that we just couldn't afford to offer some of the advanced HR benefits yet and also confirmed that most of our employees weren't interested in those items anyway. Instead, we tried to learn from other B Corps like Triclos about how we could allow our employees to feel invested in the company as much as we did. So we took a lot of small steps towards this culture change - for example, when the press wants to do a story on us, we ask our employees to be featured in those stories instead of the founders.

Features/Improvements we are looking forward to:

In the longer term future, we hope there is an Assessment very specifically tailored for Chilean enterprises.

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