Jeroen Harderwijk

Jeroen Harderwijk

Asilia Africa, Director

Certified B Corp
Hospitality and Eco-tourism

Arusha, Tanzânia

250-1000 Employees, Service

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Personal Insights

What matters most to us:

Display ground-breaking performance in creating positive impact in the wildlife and nature areas in which we have a presence, thereby contributing to a better future for thousands of kilometers of pristine nature areas and thousands of people in and around these areas.

What we learned: Check it out

The B Impact Assessment helped us get more specific on topics where we excel and where we can improve. It was also very beneficial in articulating to our partners and guests how our impact approach works. This is very important to us, because the tourism & travel industry in East Africa is a fragmented industry in need of good role models that raise the overall industry standards.

What we did as a result:

Since then, we have incorporated positive impact goals into our management cycle, reporting structures and metrics, and have set SMART commitments on positive impact for all departments. In order for us to realize our impact ambitions, we have embraced the importance of embedding the elements of such an Assessment within all levels of the company.

Features/Improvements we are looking forward to:

The ability to compare results on various levels and intersections (sector, size, geography) would help to challenge ourselves to make further improvements. The B Corporation community would be an excellent platform for this.

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