Frank Carpenito

Frank Carpenito

Dancing Deer Baking Company, CEO

All natural baked goods and gifts

Boston, MA, Estados Unidos

50-250 Employees, Manufacturing

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Personal Insights

What matters most to us:

Having a strong balance between what we deliver to the marketplace and the impact our products have on the world.

What we learned: Check it out

We entered the Assessment with the notion that we had a tremendous impact as a corporate citizen. The Assessment revealed to us that we were engaged in many positive practices but that there was much room for improvement in almost every area we were being scored on. First, we needed to take a look at our suppliers. What were their practices and did their practices reflect our values? Second, we had always had progressive policies like allowing our employees to take time off for community service. But we never "facilitated" this type of involvement. Rather we just hoped that they would do it on their own. This was not a bad practice, but the Assessment made us realize that we can bring those service opportunities to our employees in our facilities instead of leaving them to find them on their own.

What we did as a result:

A whole bunch of things: We now provide a benefit where each employee can have a "health advocate" - this person is a health care professional that can help them navigate the dozens of conversations with hospitals, clinics, and insurance companies. We also offered 4 hours of paid time off for employees to volunteer, launched our first non-GMO cookie line, and incorporated as a benefit corporation to make sure that we have additional legal rights to maintain our expanded mission.

Features/Improvements we are looking forward to:

I hope that every question on the Assessment has a best practice guide - we found those to be helpful. If the software could easily connect us with other businesses who practice that, that would be a plus.

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