Dr. Kahaki Kimani

Hurlingham Eye Care, Director

Eye care clinics

Nairobi, Quênia

10-50 Employees, Service

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Personal Insights

What matters most to us:

High quality eye care for Nairobi.

What we learned: Check it out

We learned about the importance of having formally written policies. This practice would create permanence, transparency, and accountability for things that we already were doing. We also learned about our impact on the environment. Our business had not considered many issues, like the proper disposal of medical waste or what happens to the waste after it is picked up, until we reviewed the Assessment. We had to involve our employees in this so that they were not only aware of but also owned this initiative.

What we did as a result:

We are just finalizing our employee manual - one example of us starting to be more transparent and communicative with our employees. We have also started measuring how much time we spend on our free eye care clinics for the less fortunate - if we don't track this or take pictures of it, it makes it hard for us to communicate about it.

Features/Improvements we are looking forward to:

We are hoping that in the next round of our Assessment, we have less information to "dig up" and that the Assessment makes it easy for us to search for it in our finance or operating system.

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