Our company is a holding company that has multiple subsidiaries or franchisees. How should we approach the Assessment

We first recommend answering the Assessment as one entity; in this instance, please select answer options that apply to a majority of your subsidiaries/franchisees/operations.

The most accurate way to capture your business is by completing separate Assessments for each subsidiary. Please contact B Lab Staff to determine whether this is appropriate for your business: (+1) 610-293-0299.

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Our company is a subsidiary or a franchise of a larger business. How should we answer the Assessment

We recommend answering questions so that they pertain specifically to your subsidiary or franchise.

We strongly recommend that you discuss your company’s structure directly with a B Lab Staff member: (+1) 610-293-0299.

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We have operations in two or more countries. How should I answer questions on the Assessment

Please select the country where the majority of your employees operate. If majority of your employees operate in Cambodia, please answer the questions as they pertain to those employees only.

We strongly recommend that you review this section in more detail directly with a B Lab Staff member: (+1) 610-293-0299.

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My company is entirely virtual. How should I answer the Assessment

The part that is trickiest for virtual businesses is the Environment section. Majority of the topics assessed in the Environment section such as energy usage or travel still apply for virtual businesses. However, it may be difficult to know if your company’s employees practice those items in their homes or shared office spaces. The intent is to assess the impact of the space your employees use regardless of whether they are company sanctioned or not.

We typically recommend answering affirmative to questions that are true for a majority of your employees. For example, if a majority of your employees recycle at home, please select “Yes” for that question.

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What makes the Assessment different than other systems

The B Impact Assessment is unique in that it is:

  • Positive Impact Focused – practices that intentionally address a social or environmental issue are measured, not practices that simply comply with existing laws or norms.
  • Comprehensive – a company’s operational practices (including workers, suppliers, manufacturing practices, and governance) and the company’s products/services are measured because both are important in understanding a company’s effect on the world.
  • Adaptable – there are over 40 versions of the Assessment that are tailored to a company based on size (# of employees), sector, and geography.
  • Easy to use – it is designed for use by small and medium-sized businesses.
  • Educational – business owners and operators can use it as a guide to improve impact.
  • Transparent – criteria and weightings for each impact area, subcategory and individual question within the BIA assessment are available in the assessment.
  • Independently governed – Standards Advisory Councils (SAC), a group of thought leaders, experts, and practitioners control the quality of the standard.
  • Dynamic – new and improved versions of the BIA assessment are developed every two years.
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Can I see some sample questions from the Assessment

Absolutely. Click here to see examples.

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