Frequently Asked Questions

Can I see the list of documentation we will need to prepare for B Corp Certification?

Importantly, you will only need to produce any documentation if your company chooses to apply for B Corp Certification. If your company is simply using the Assessment as a benchmarking tool, please ignore this step.

The list of documentation requested depends on your specific answers to the B Impact Assessment and is generated after your company completes an Assessment Review with B Lab Staff. For example, if the company answered that 35% of its ingredients are from recycled input materials, the company would be expected to show how you arrived at that answer either through a spreadsheet of all ingredients with specific recycled percentages or submit specific invoices that detail out ingredient characteristics.

Please see example of a supporting documentation requested.

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How much do scores change after reviewing the Assessment with B Lab Staff?

On average, a company’s score is reduced by 8 points (Standard Deviation: 23 points). Many companies see a significant score change, because they misunderstood the question; after reviewing these questions in more detail with B Lab Staff, companies usually have a greater understanding of the question and have a different answer as a result. Very rarely is the score change a result of intentional misrepresentation on the company’s part.

The documentation step also provides the company an opportunity to do a more thorough research on answers it may have estimated; this deeper review also results in answer and score changes.

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What happens when I hit Submit for Review?

B Lab Staff will be notified that you have completed the Assessment, and that you are ready to schedule an Assessment Review with our staff. Our staff will reach out to you within 5 business days of your submission.

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What is an Assessment Review?

An Assessment Review is an opportunity to review your answers with B Lab Staff via a 60 minute telephone call. Our staff will also clarify questions that may have been difficult to answer. The call will allow you to make necessary adjustments to your assessment which will ultimately get you to a more accurate B Impact Score.

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