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Ouro Verde trains nut-harvesting communities on how to assess and manage the Amazon's biodiversity.

Ouro Verde Amazonia

São Paulo, Brazil

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Patagonia Impact Reprt

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See where King Arthur Flour Company excels and where they are taking steps to improve.

Company shares financial statements monthly during 'town hall meetings' with employees. Employees also participate in classes that educate on both personal financial literacy and the financial health of the company.

KAF beats the average business on Compensation, Benefits, and Training practices, partly because they pay at least 14% above the livable wage and distributed a 14% bonus pool amongst all employees last year.

100% of the company is owned by its employees and allows them to excel in this area compared to other businesses.

The company offers career ladders, health & wellness programs, counseling services to employees to foster a healthy work environment. More than 80% of employees report that they are satisfied and engaged at KAF.

KAF is now engaging its wheat growers to understand the environmental impact of their activites and is involved with industry working groups on initiatives such as no-till farming.

The company added 21 new jobs last year and is on the same trajectory this year!

KAF excels on diversity, due to the fact that 63% of the company is owned by women and ethnic minorities and 40% of the company's management represents people from previously excluded populations.

Company offers 20 hrs a year of paid time off and approximately 40% of employees participated last year!

KAF is expanding its product lines to include Certified Organic products, which already represent 7% of sales and growing.

Company has conducted energy efficiency audits on a majority of buildings and implemented the recommendations of auditors on HVAC and lighting options.

KAF recently set up systems to monitor water usage in all facilities.

King Arthur Example Report

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