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Assess how your family business performs against dozens of best practices on employee, community, and environmental impact!

Takes ~30 mins to get a quick snapshot

Takes ~2-3 hrs for a full impact report

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See how your family business stacks up against thousands of other businesses.

You will receive two types of feedback:

Quick Snapshot
A simple look at which questions your company already excels at and which practices it could improve on

B Impact Report
A more holistic look at how your company scores across multiple questions related to the same impact topic

Step 2. Compare



Create a plan to improve your family business’ practices and help your staff implement them using FBN’s Polaris Tools, Guides and Case Studies found on FBN XChange.

Step 3. Improve

B Impact Assessment

The Polaris Impact Assessment is a free, confidential tool brought to you by the Family Business Network and B Lab. 
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If you are in the process of obtaining B Corp Certification in the next 90 days, we recommend that you register here. The previous version of the platform provides all of the tools you need to finish your certification process quickly.

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