Elissa Loughman

Elissa Loughman

Patagonia, Environmental Analyst

Certified B Corp
Outdoor Apparel

Ventura, CA, United States

1000+ Employees, Wholesale/Retail

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Personal Insights

What matters most to us:

Our mission statement says it best: We strive to make the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, (make our products with the least impact possible), and inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis (we do our best to accomplish this by conducting our business in a way that incorporates environmental considerations as well as contributing money and in-kind donations to a wide variety of environmental non-profits that are dedicated to protecting the earth’s many wonderful things).

What we learned: Check it out

The B Impact Assessment incentivized us to take the time to quantitatively measure the performance of our programs. For example, we provide several opportunities for employees to participate in environmental or social activism.  But we didn't know how many employees participated and to what degree. But this Assessment asked us those tough questions, and we took the time to measure and manage the participation and outcomes of these programs. This has given us a better understanding of which ones are most effective and which ones could be made more robust. Because the Assessment gathers all of this information in one place, it allowed us to really recognize our strengths as well as see where we have room for improvement.

What we did as a result:

We have had numerous opportunities to publicly speak about our commitment to being a B Corp. This is an important part of fulfilling the third part of our mission statement: to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis. We are trying to share this story more, because we hope that it will inspire other businesses to find ways to incorporate environmental and social considerations into their practices.

Features/Improvements we are looking forward to:

We are looking forward to seeing tools that visualize our progress over time so that we can see in which sections our score has increased or decreased year to year. 

107B Impact Score
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