Frequently Asked Questions

Top 10

  1. Who develops the standards?
  2. How long does the Assessment take?
  3. Is there a version for small businesses?
  4. What is considered a "good" score?
  5. How does this relate to other impact measurement systems?
  6. Where can I see how many points each question is worth?
  7. What will I need to prepare before completing the Assessment?
  8. Who in our company should complete the Assessment?
  9. Where can I download a PDF of the Assessment?
  10. How much does the Assessment cost?

The Basics

  1. Can I see some sample questions from the Assessment?
  2. How long does the Assessment take?
  3. Can I share my B Impact Report on my webpage?
  4. How will this help make my business more successful?
  5. What makes the Assessment different than other systems?
  6. My company is entirely virtual. How should I answer the Assessment?
  7. We have operations in two or more countries. How should I answer questions on the Assessment?
  8. Our company is a subsidiary or a franchise of a larger business. How should we answer the Assessment?
  9. If I use the Assessment, does our company have to become a B Corp? What is a B Corp?
  10. Our company is a holding company that has multiple subsidiaries or franchisees. How should we approach the Assessment?
  11. What types of organizations should take the Assessment?
  12. Who is B Lab?
  13. Which year of data should I use to complete the Assessment?
  14. Our company does not have suppliers. How should we answer the questions about suppliers?
  15. Is there a version for small businesses?
  16. What are stakeholders? Why do they matter?
  17. What is a GIIRS Rating?

The B Impact Score

  1. Who is in the benchmark group for the Quick Impact Snapshot?
  2. How is the Assessment scored?
  3. What does the Assessment cover?
  4. What is the highest score achieved on the Assessment?
  5. My company is a start up. How will that affect my score?
  6. My B Impact Score only increased by a few points, but our impact has increased dramatically. What happened?
  7. What is considered a "good" score?
  8. Why is the qualifying bar 80 points to become a B Corporation?

The Standards

  1. How are the standards governed?
  2. Who develops the standards?
  3. How can I get involved with the standards development?
  4. What is an Impact Business Model?
  5. How does this relate to other impact measurement systems?
  6. What are the key gating factors for the B Impact Assessment versions?
  7. The Assessment seems to require lots of formal policies. How does it capture true impact?
  8. Why evaluate the impact of the whole company?
  9. How often is the Assessment revised?
  10. What is IRIS?
  11. What does IRIS measure?
  12. How can I get involved in social enterprise?

The Verification Process

  1. Can I see the list of documentation we will need to prepare for B Corp Certification?
  2. How much do scores change after reviewing the Assessment with B Lab Staff?
  3. What happens when I hit Submit for Review?
  4. What is an Assessment Review?
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